Verdicts & Settlements

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We strive to ensure that you receive the highest level of dedicated and aggressive legal representation in the pursuit of justice. Our team of attorneys has over 100 years of collective experience handling medical malpractice and catastrophic injury cases. As you can see from our past results, we use every effort to maximize our clients’ recoveries.


Almost all of the firm’s settlements are confidential and no particulars or details can be disclosed. However, WVF&O can state that the firm has settled hundreds of medical malpractice cases in numerous medical circumstances, including, but not limited to, birth injuriescerebral palsy, misdiagnosis or failure to properly treat cancer, brain and spinal cord injuries, emergency room malpracticeamputation cases, cardiac and stroke cases, and death cases. The amounts of the settlements vary depending on the injuries suffered by our clients. A large number of our settlements are in excess of $5,000,000.00.

    • Medical malpractice $24,000,000

      Medical malpractice client in Washington D.C. This is the largest malpractice verdict for in D.C. on behalf of a brain damaged infant, that resulted in Cerebral Palsy from lack of oxygen. The Medical Negligence Group, of [city].

    • Medical negligence $7,800,000

      for a medical negligence client in Ohio, where placental abruption led to a brain damaged baby.

    • Medical malpractice $6,000,000

      for a Maryland medical malpractice client, following Cerebral Palsy due to mismanaged care of their baby. The Medical Negligence Group helping Maryland residents with Cerebral Palsy.

    • Medical malpractice $5,000,000

      for Maryland medical malpractice client. Settlement obtained for child with Cerebral Palsy following mismanaged care.

    • Medical malpractice $4,250,000

      for medical malpractice client in Ohio, where delay in delivery caused death & brain damage of twins. The Medical Negligence Group.

    • Medical negligence $10,800,000

      in Oregon for a medical negligence client where Cerebral Palsy resulted after a nurse’s failure to act. The Medical Negligence Group in [city] helping with CP.

    • Medical negligence $6,000,000

      Ohio medical negligence client following delay in delivery that resulted in baby developing avoidable Cerebral Palsy.

    • Medical malpractice $5,500,000

      in Maryland for a medical malpractice client whose child was born with congenital birth defect secondary to misread sonogram.

    • Medical negligence $5,250,000

      for a medical negligence client in Georgia where baby’s birth led to brain damage resulting from their doctor’s failure to show up for the delivery.

    • Medical malpractice $4,000,000

      for Ohio medical malpractice client. Midwife’s delay in calling physician resulted in brain damage to their infant. The Medical Negligence Group.